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trendforeclosures.com was created to help in searching for foreclosure and notice of default listings in Clark County. You, your friends, your clients, and your investors when buying homes either at auction or short sale may need help in searching for a home. trendforeclosures.com is a tool to help you search, find, and track the homes you want quickly and efficiently. With trendforeclosures.com you can filter the properties by square footage, lot size, bedrooms, bathrooms, stories, dates, year built, zip code, trustee, MLS Status, and more. trendforeclosures.com is powerful and will provide you with the help you need to find specific homes in specific areas.
  • • Find the foreclosed homes you want in just minutes
  • • Instantly look at properties on the accessors website with One click
  • • Share information between team members
  • • See which properties are all ready listed in MLS
  • • Look up potential REO properties
  • • Filter through thousands of properties in minutes
  • • Track what’s happening with your short sale
  • • With more than 10,000 homes in foreclosure, create another source of income
  • • A powerful tool for you, your clients, your investors
  • • Expert foreclosure knoweldge